Business Events

With our pool of excellent musicians we can assemble a jazz formation, depending on the specific demands for your business event. However, Statief suggests three formula's, with each a different style, set-up and outcome. We also offer these formula's as a service to other event management agencies.

PIANO BAR : Smokey, jazzy and bluesy: this formula suits a relaxed and classy environment. The most common setting is a solo piano player, but upon request we can also add another instrument or vocals.

STANDARD TRIO : Modern and warm jazz vibes: this formula brings a trio that plays many different jazz standards. With this smart, easy-listening and elegant trio, our most common setting is double-bass, keyboards and saxophone. However, this can vary upon your demand.

SWING BAND : Swing, swing, swing: from Louis Armstrong to Benny Goodman and Django Reinhardt. The Statief Manouche quartet offers some fine tunes from the broad Swing-repertoire. This band performs mostly in quartet, with a singer, and is a perfect wiggle-your-toes party starter.

You can also contact us for a follow-up band or DJ.