Concert series. Unique. Intimate. Antwerp.

Soundbites is a series of concerts in one of the most beautiful theater halls in Antwerp, Het Appeltje. Live music and a bar, every last Thursday of each month. Rough, intimate and very close to the artist. Soundbites is an initiative of Kunstencentrum Vlaams Fruit, together with Statief.

Past concerts: Taz von Stone (28.9) and Johnny den Artiest (26.10). 
Upcoming concerts: Guy Swinnen (23.11), Ella Ray (25.1), Lies Lefever (22.2), Dries Bongaerts (29.3), Slongs Dievanings (26.4), Arnaldo Prete (24.5) and Southern Harmony (28.6).

Follow Soundbites on Facebook.

Follow Soundbites on Facebook.